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Im Exil - Honor Harrington, Teil 5 (Ungekürzt)
Im Exil - Honor Harrington, Teil 5 (Ungekürzt)
Im Exil - Honor Harrington, Teil 5 (Ungekürzt)
Audiobook19 hours

Im Exil - Honor Harrington, Teil 5 (Ungekürzt)

Written by David Weber

Narrated by Nicole Engeln

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Die erfolgreiche Military-Science-Fiction-Serie von Bestseller-Autor David Weber erstmals als Hörbuch! Ein neues, in sich abgeschlossenes Abenteuer um die schillernde Honor - diesmal im Exil. Wenn C. S. Forester, der Autor der Horatio-Hornblower-Romane, Science Fiction geschrieben hätte: Dies hier wäre das Resultat.
PublisherLübbe Audio
Release dateApr 13, 2018
Im Exil - Honor Harrington, Teil 5 (Ungekürzt)

David Weber

David Weber is a science fiction phenomenon. He is the author of the popular Honor Harrington and Honorverse novels and the Safehold series. Since selling his first novel in 1989, he has perpetrated 67 solo and collaborative novels (with 2 more delivered) and an unconscionable number of anthologies upon an innocent and unsuspecting public. Thirty-five of his books have been New York Times bestsellers. Weber has a bachelor’s degree from Warren Wilson College, and attended graduate school in history at Appalachian State University. He lives in South Carolina.

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