Menggapai Kesembuhan
Menggapai Kesembuhan
Menggapai Kesembuhan
Audiobook (abridged)7 hours

Menggapai Kesembuhan

Written by Sambas Wiradisuria

Narrated by Sari Rubianto

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

through this audiobook, Prof. (Emertus) Dr.H.M. Sambas Wiradisuria, Sp.A(K) presents you presents a record of his contemplation and his in-depth study of the phenomenon of healing and its meaning in the course of human life. Interestingly, Sambas compiled this book based on his empirical experience while striving to achieve healing from the illness he suffered. Moreover, the writer's way of presenting healing as a phenomenon and peeling it in a spiritual perspective is evocative and enlightening.
LanguageBahasa indonesia
Release dateFeb 2, 2017
Menggapai Kesembuhan

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