Superpersonality: The Iron Laws of Success
Superpersonality: The Iron Laws of Success
Superpersonality: The Iron Laws of Success
Audiobook3 hours

Superpersonality: The Iron Laws of Success

Written by Nikolay Mrochkovskiy

Narrated by Denis Garmash

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Do you want to become an outstanding person? Then you need this audiobook!

Russian business coach Nikolai Mrochkovsky presents an audiobook "Superficies. The iron laws of success. "

The book is written by one of the best and sought-after coaches in Russia for personal growth and includes the strongest practical trainings.

All material is presented in the form of step by step instructions. The reader, performing 1 hour a day of exercise, given in the book, after 2 months will come to an entirely new level of development! The main emphasis is on working out the key elements of life that fundamentally affect it. The authors give detailed instructions and practical tasks for personal growth.

After listening to this audiobook, you will learn:

- What do you really want to achieve?

- How to achieve the set goals;

- How to make the first step on the road to wealth;

- How to be happy, harmonious and effective person!

Believe me, all this is quite realistic, as thousands of people who were trained by Nikolai Mrochkovsky and followed his recommendations were convinced.
Release dateJul 17, 2017
Superpersonality: The Iron Laws of Success

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