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Power of Will: Secret Techniques
Power of Will: Secret Techniques
Power of Will: Secret Techniques
Audiobook1 hour

Power of Will: Secret Techniques

Written by David Malcolm

Narrated by Aleksiy Muzhytskyy

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About this audiobook

Willpower is of great importance in human life. It depends on health, material well-being, achievements in studies, promotion on the career ladder, success in business, family happiness.

But often, many of us lack this wonderful quality. We lose control over our minds and allow our senses to take over, thereby destroying our lives.

How to develop willpower, learn self-control and develop your brain, will talk in this book.

You will find not only interesting facts about how willpower helped people to cope with life's problems, but also useful practical exercises. Military psychologists are greatly attached to the development of willpower. Special services have accumulated a lot of experience in training their employees.

The author suggests using their methods and applying them in everyday life. Developed willpower will help you become a free, independent and balanced person, achieve your goals and make your life the way you want it to be.
Release dateJul 21, 2017
Power of Will: Secret Techniques

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