The Psychology of Happiness
The Psychology of Happiness
The Psychology of Happiness
Audiobook1 hour

The Psychology of Happiness

Written by Anthony Baker

Narrated by Alexander Tkachev

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About this audiobook

In fact, we often prevent ourselves from living. Although we blame the lack of happiness on the whole world around us. And thus each of us very much wants to be happy, successful, realized. In this book we will consider the concept of happiness and the ways to achieve this mysterious state. With our help, you will learn how to be happy here and now and wonder how much your life will improve for the better. We offer you only real advice and effective recipes for achieving success, prosperity and happiness. The book will be useful and interesting to those who are not satisfied with their work, personal life, the surrounding world, mood, health, children, the financial side of life, that is, practically every one of us.
Release dateJul 24, 2017
The Psychology of Happiness

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