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Great Saints: Unknown Facts
Great Saints: Unknown Facts
Great Saints: Unknown Facts
Audiobook1 hour

Great Saints: Unknown Facts

Written by Aleksej Semenov

Narrated by Eugene Tarasov

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About this audiobook

Great saints are especially honored for righteousness, god-pleasingness, persistent confession of faith, mediation between God and people. But these particularly pious righteous people, canonized by the church and representing a model of virtue, in fact, sometimes - the unholy saints.

In the sense that, first of all, they are ordinary people, with their sorrows and joys. And if not for their special faith in God, who knows how their fate would have developed. This book publisher AB Publishing in an understandable and accessible language will tell about the life of the most honored saints from ancient times to the present day.
Release dateJul 21, 2017
Great Saints: Unknown Facts

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