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Don't Eat! Dangerous Food
Don't Eat! Dangerous Food
Don't Eat! Dangerous Food
Audiobook1 hour

Don't Eat! Dangerous Food

Written by Dorothy Klain

Narrated by Stanislav Ivanov

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About this audiobook

From the book "Dangerous Foods" you will learn that our habitual food is a source of not only good, but also harm. For example, there is a lot of extreme exotic recipes. Trying once such a dish, you can never forget its taste. And some products in general should be avoided.

Our experts will give recommendations on how to store products, advise what to look for in stores, dispel the myths about food additives and GMOs. We will not engage in anti-alcohol propaganda, but we will tell you about the most dangerous alcoholic cocktails in the world. Danger does not mean tasteless! Enjoy your gastronomic trip to the world of dangerous and exciting gastronomic passions!
Release dateJul 27, 2017
Don't Eat! Dangerous Food

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