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Buddha: Pearls of Wisdom
Buddha: Pearls of Wisdom
Buddha: Pearls of Wisdom
Audiobook42 minutes

Buddha: Pearls of Wisdom

Written by Buddha

Narrated by Stanislav Ivanov

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About this audiobook

A cult figure in world religious philosophy ... A great teacher who has attained enlightenment ... One of the seven Buddhas of antiquity ... All this is the Buddha of Shakyamuni, Siddhartha Gautama is the legendary spiritual master of India. Gautama is considered to be the most important figure in Buddhism.

Memories of his life, conversations and monastic rules were memorized by heart the monastic order founded by him. Only 400 years after the Buddha achieved higher enlightenment, his teaching was recorded. Before that, it was transmitted verbally - the more valuable are those statements of the Buddha that have come down to us. The brightest and deepest of them you will hear in this book!
Release dateJul 18, 2017
Buddha: Pearls of Wisdom

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