Recipes for Multicooker
Recipes for Multicooker
Recipes for Multicooker
Audiobook1 hour

Recipes for Multicooker

Written by Antonina Makarova

Narrated by Irina Solovieva

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About this audiobook

Modern devices greatly simplify our life. A lot of devices help to perform the job qualitatively, it is interesting to have fun, to communicate with friends. And time for all this is released by high-tech household appliances. Your constant presence in the kitchen is no longer necessary - for you all will make smart electronic assistants!

One of such useful miracle devices, no doubt, is a multivarker. In it you can make a lot of not only tasty, but also useful dishes. After all, the device allows you to cook without oil, while preserving all the useful substances of products. And the food from the miracle pot will not be fresh and tasteless - you just need to try the recipes offered in AB Publishing!
Release dateAug 2, 2017
Recipes for Multicooker

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