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NLP: 50 Best Practices
NLP: 50 Best Practices
NLP: 50 Best Practices
Audiobook2 hours

NLP: 50 Best Practices

Written by Martin Gleiwitz

Narrated by Stanislav Ivanov

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Are you familiar with the concept of NLP? If yes, then you probably know how to use it to succeed in life.

If not, this book provides all the information on how to get rid of fears and bad habits, cultivate one's strengths, to control other people and even to copy someone else's success. Get ready to listen to the book "NLP. 50 best practices "and you will learn:

The origin of NLP and in what areas you can use it;

How NLP can help you with self-development;

How to manage people using using NLP;

How NLP can help in your personal life.
Release dateJul 18, 2017
NLP: 50 Best Practices

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