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Productive Morning [Russian Edition]
Productive Morning [Russian Edition]
Productive Morning [Russian Edition]
Audiobook1 hour

Productive Morning [Russian Edition]

Written by Michael Nixon

Narrated by Aleksej Muzhickij

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About this audiobook

Many of us often do not have enough strength and time to practice themselves. It seems that you write graphics, make plans, but still do not have time.
How to learn how to plan and manage everything? What do you need to be cheerful, full of strength and energy? What planning tools are the most effective and what can they give us?
In this book we have collected all the stages of successful planning. After listening to it, you will learn how to start the day, how to properly allocate your time and where to take your strengths in all planned activities!
Release dateJul 18, 2017
Productive Morning [Russian Edition]

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