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Business is war
Business is war
Business is war
Audiobook1 hour

Business is war

Written by Donald Anderson

Narrated by Stanislav Ivanov

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

The book gives an overview of strategic and tactical methods of doing business, which in its essence is a peaceful analogue of military battles. Business as a means of existence, business, as entertainment or play is a narrow understanding of such a complex phenomenon.

Commerce at all times pursued its goal of the greatest profits, simultaneously affecting in addition to the economic political, social and even religious spheres of public life. Like the military business, real men and exceptional women are engaged in business, but it has the most influence on the civilian population, that is, consumers of goods and services. Fair and not too many ways of conducting competitive and internal wars are told in this book.
Release dateJul 24, 2017
Business is war

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