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The Horror Book [Russian Edition]
The Horror Book [Russian Edition]
The Horror Book [Russian Edition]
Audiobook2 hours

The Horror Book [Russian Edition]

Written by Jelizabet Garsija

Narrated by Eugene Tarasov

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

This book is for those who love all the mysterious and incomprehensible. Who wants to become fearless and learn how to defend themselves, correctly behave in an unpredictable situation. For those who want to survive the horror, then to experience a euphoric sense of relief. But not only those moments when fear is already behind, but also the moment of fright can be pleasant, there are a lot of such moments in the book. This book is for hunters for vivid impressions. And what else can produce such a powerful effect, as no "horror stories", horror and terrible secrets, many of which have not been revealed to anyone.
Release dateJul 26, 2017
The Horror Book [Russian Edition]

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