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NLP: Achievements of Goals [Russian Edition]
NLP: Achievements of Goals [Russian Edition]
NLP: Achievements of Goals [Russian Edition]
Audiobook1 hour

NLP: Achievements of Goals [Russian Edition]

Written by Martin Leyvitz

Narrated by Maxim Kireev

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About this audiobook

Do you want to become successful and happy? Do you dream about great achievements? Then this audiobook is for you!
Simple methods of NLP will help you to get rid of self-doubt and many other problems, and learn how to implement your desires. Neuro-linguistic programming has been proving its effectiveness for several decades. It is used in sales, in the military, and in the practice of psychology. Numerous trainers conduct seminars and trainings on the basics of NLP. With all that, to learn some effective NLP techniques is not difficult on your own. Why do you need this mysterious programming? It helps in almost all spheres of life. Do you want to achieve your goals? Do you dream of a successful career, a happy personal life? In all this, you will be helped by the techniques of NLP. This audiobook is for everyone who wants to turn their lives into a chain of happy events!
Release dateJul 14, 2017
NLP: Achievements of Goals [Russian Edition]

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