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Extreme Time Management [Russian Edition]
Extreme Time Management [Russian Edition]
Extreme Time Management [Russian Edition]
Audiobook5 hours

Extreme Time Management [Russian Edition]

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About this audiobook

Nikolay Mrochkovsky and Alexey Tolkachev present extremely effective secrets of time management, understandable by everyone! This an unusual audiobook about managing time, leadership, and achieving success. You won't find boring and tedious formulations of rules of success, which you would not follow. Instead, you will watch with interest the adventures of the main character. You must carefully perform all the tasks that you will find in the audiobook. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology is proven by the example of the authors themselves - successful business trainers and consultants. Nikolay Mrochkovsky is a PhD in Economics, an Executive MBA graduate, and a creator of seminars on business development and management. Alexei Tolkachev is a world champion in parachute-mountain skiing and the author of training courses on creating a business, motivation, setting and achieving goals, and personal development.
Release dateJul 14, 2017
Extreme Time Management [Russian Edition]

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