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Der Klang des Muschelhorns
Der Klang des Muschelhorns
Der Klang des Muschelhorns
Audiobook9 hours

Der Klang des Muschelhorns

Written by Sarah Lark

Narrated by Katrin Fröhlich

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Neuseeland, Canterbury Plains, 1853. Auf Rata Station ist die nächste Generation aufgewachsen: Cat und Ida sind stolz auf ihre wunderbaren Töchter Carol und Linda. Von den Nachbarn jedoch wird die Familie mit ihrer erfolgreichen Farm mit
Unmut und Neid betrachtet. Als ein schrecklicher Schicksalsschlag die Familie in tiefe Verzweiflung stürzt, ist Rata Station plötzlich in Gefahr. Carol und Linda verlieren die Farm und damit ihr Zuhause und ihren Wohlstand. Aber sie sind
bereit, für ihr Glück und ihre Zukunft zu kämpfen ...
PublisherLübbe Audio
Release dateAug 15, 2014
Der Klang des Muschelhorns

Sarah Lark

Sarah Lark, born in Germany and now a resident of Spain, is a bestselling author of historical fiction, including the Fire Blossom Saga, the Sea of Freedom Trilogy, and the In the Land of the Long White Cloud Saga. She is a horse aficionado and former travel guide who has experienced many of the world’s most beautiful landscapes on horseback. Through her adventures, she has developed an enduring relationship with the places she’s visited and the people who live there. In her writing, Lark introduces readers to a New Zealand full of magic, beauty, and charm. Her ability to weave romance with history and to explore all the dark and triumphal corners of the human condition has resonated with readers worldwide. Kate Northrop is a translator and lyricist who grew up in Connecticut and studied music and English literature in the United States and the United Kingdom. Her travels led her to the German-speaking region of Switzerland, where she’s lived with her Swiss husband and their two bilingual children since 1994. Her professional translation credits include Sarah Lark’s Fire Blossom Saga and Ines Thorn’s Island of Sylt trilogy. As a lyricist, Kate has been signed to major music labels and publishers. With more than eighteen years of experience, Kate now runs her own literary translation business, Art of Translation. Visit her at

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