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Operation Manual For The Mind (Russian Edition)
Operation Manual For The Mind (Russian Edition)
Operation Manual For The Mind (Russian Edition)
Audiobook59 minutes

Operation Manual For The Mind (Russian Edition)

Written by L. Ron Hubbard

Narrated by Multiple Narrators

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About this audiobook

Operation Manual for the Mind - Russian Edition
"Trying to find out why you tick, why you’re as right as you are,
why you function at all, why you think at all, would be quite an
adventure."— L. Ron Hubbard

Your mind: it is your constant companion. You live with
it 24 hours a day, every day of your life. Yet Man has
known practically nothing about how it works. And from
marriages that end in divorce to careers that wind up in frustration,
from tensions that interfere with work to conflicts that divide nations,
virtually every human crisis can be traced to Man’s ignorance of
the mind.

Imagine, then, the potential benefits of finding the answers. Not only
could organizations prosper and nations resolve their differences, but an
individual equipped with such knowledge, fully understanding himself
and others, would stand a far better chance of achieving his goals.

In fact, millions have accomplished exactly that. For the first time
in history, Man has come into possession of an “operation manual” that
details the full anatomy of the mind and precisely how it functions. By
studying this “manual,” anyone can understand the underlying causes
behind the endless variety of human behavior and use this knowledge to
resolve any situation he encounters in life.

Here, then, is the adventure of discovering the workings of
the most valuable commodity any individual will ever possess.
Release dateJan 1, 2010
Operation Manual For The Mind (Russian Edition)

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