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History of Research & Investigation (Russian Edition)
History of Research & Investigation (Russian Edition)
History of Research & Investigation (Russian Edition)
Audiobook53 minutes

History of Research & Investigation (Russian Edition)

Written by L. Ron Hubbard

Narrated by Multiple Narrators

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About this audiobook

History of Research & Investigation - Russian Edition

"Religion would wander badly unless it had the technology
of the human spirit. That would be the vital thing to
have, for religion to become a practical, everyday thing."
— L. Ron Hubbard

Today weapons exist powerful enough to annihilate
whole nations. And violence has become
commonplace, often in disregard of human life.
Why has there been such a lessening of moral responsibility
and, most important, what can be done about it?

In providing the answers to these questions, Ron explores
the history of Man’s research and investigation in the field of the
human spirit. As he details many remarkable phenomena familiar
in past ages, yet unknown to most people today, what emerges
is that as mechanical technologies became ascendant, nothing
parallel emerged to bring religion into the realm of day?to?day
application. In consequence, modern studies ultimately came to
deny the spirit entirely, instead treating the individual as a mere
stimulus?response mechanism without conscience or value.

Thus, the arrival of Scientology means everything for both
the individual and Mankind, for here is the first religion which,
by application of an actual technology, provides anyone with
workable answers he can use on a daily basis in his own life. By this
technology, IQ rises, an individual’s power and ability increase,
Man can recover his capacity for kindness and decency—and a
brighter future is assured.
Release dateJan 1, 2010
History of Research & Investigation (Russian Edition)

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