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Bust the Fads: Win at Business
Bust the Fads: Win at Business
Bust the Fads: Win at Business
Audiobook54 minutes

Bust the Fads: Win at Business

Written by Eileen Shapiro

Narrated by Eileen Shapiro

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About this audiobook

How do you avoid being mesmerized by the latest fads in business - while still benefiting from new ideas? Learn what it takes to "bust the fads" and win at business in 60 minutes of conversation and instruction by the author of Fad Surfing in the Boardroom. Eileen is both practical from her experience and properly theoretical from her Harvard Business School and McKinsey training. In these tough times, clear headedness is at a premium. Eileen provides that perspective. What the Critics Say: "Cogent discussions of modern management mantras and manias." (Fortune) "Ms. Shapiro demythologizes the whole range of management strategies that purport to solve every executive's quandary." (Wall Street Journal) "Honest, witty, and perceptive...Required reading for anyone who still takes mission statements and 'core values' seriously." (Toronto Globe & Mail)

Also available as download from for $4.20. Go to In the search bar type in 'Bust the Fads: Win at Business'


Featured Tracks:

1. Surf's Up: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fad Surfing
2. Bust the Fads
3. The Problem with Visions
4. Mission Statement and the Search for Meaning
5. A Vision and Mission Intermezzo
6. Strategy Mumbo Jumbo
7. Acid Test Standards
8. Decoding the Corporate Culture
9. Change Management and Culture Change
10. Total Quality Mayhem
11. Low-Cost Migraines
12. Closing thoughts from Henry Ford and me

Key words: Strategy; finance, marketing, quality, fads, Drucker
Release dateJul 11, 2011
Bust the Fads: Win at Business

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