Voir Dire
Voir Dire
Voir Dire
Audiobook1 hour

Voir Dire

Written by Joe Sutton

Narrated by Christine Avila, Barbara Bosson, Amy Pietz and

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About this audiobook

A highly -placed school official is accused of buying drugs on the street. Is he an out-of-control addict or a victim of discrimination? Voir Dire - a legal term meaning “to say what is true”- is the story of the racially-mixed jurors who will decide the official’s fate.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Christine Avila, Barbara Bosson, Shannon Cochran, Ella Joyce, Kevin Kilner and Amy Pietz.

Directed by Ken Frankel. Recorded before a live audience.
Release dateApr 15, 2012
Voir Dire

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