The Spy Game
The Spy Game
The Spy Game
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The Spy Game

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When the Boxcar Children uncover a strange puzzle in a friend's backyard, it's just the beginning of the "spy game" - a search for clues leading to gold! The children must make sense of a mysterious old photo and a riddle. But soon the children begin to suspect that there's a mystery inside the mystery. Just who is behind the spy game, anyway?
PublisherOasis Audio
Release dateJan 4, 2013
The Spy Game

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Gertrude Chandler Warner (1890–1979) was an American author who specialized in children's literature. The Boxcar Children is her most well-known work, as she went on to write eighteen more books in the series. The series became so popular, that it continues on today.

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