The Shelters of Stone
The Shelters of Stone
The Shelters of Stone
Audiobook33 hours

The Shelters of Stone

Written by Jean M. Auel

Narrated by Sandra Burr

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

In this triumphant volume, the courageous Ayla and her beloved Jondalar, along with their animal friends Wolf, Whinney, and Racer, have completed their epic journey across Europe and are greeted by Jondalar's people, the Zelandonii. These people of the Ninth Cave fascinate Ayla, and in their spiritual leader—the woman who initiated Jondalar into the Gift of Pleasure—she finds a fellow healer with whom to share her knowledge.

But as Ayla and Jondalar prepare for their formal mating at the Summer Meeting, there are difficulties. Not all the Zelandonii are welcoming. Some fear Ayla's unfamiliar ways and her relationship with the Clan, openly opposing her union with Jondalar.

Now Ayla must call on all her wisdom and instincts to find her place in this complicated society, to prepare for the birth of her child, and to decide on the role she is to play in shaping the destiny of the Zelandonii.

Fifth in the acclaimed Earth's Children® series

Release dateMay 16, 2017
The Shelters of Stone

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