Satan's Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction
Satan's Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction
Satan's Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction
Audiobook10 hours

Satan's Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction

Written by Star Jones

Narrated by Star Jones

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Welcome to The Lunch Club, the venerable daytime talk show where backstabbing and bridge-burning are as common as cheating celebrity husbands and botched Botox - and those are just the guests!

To millions of viewers, watching this manufactured "sisterhood" is a daily ritual and a guilty pleasure. Led by the ruthlessly competent and icily perfect veteran diva of all things television, Maxine Robinson, all five of the female cohosts on their trademark red couch have a distinct part to play. And if power grabs, competition for airtime, and outsize ambitions make for a bumpy ride... well, that usually stays between them-and definitely behind the scenes. After all, when you've seen a woman in her Spanx, telling tales out of school is a definite no-no. Until...

The morning's special guest, the fabulously beloved, successful rival talk-show host (and former colleague) Heather Hope, drops a bomb on live TV: The deceptively sweet Melissa "Missy" Adams - a former couchmate who was ousted by Maxine in a blaze of infamy - is back, and she's written a juicy tell-all! All the "soft-focus" camerawork in the world can't hide the cracks from that aftershock!

In a stampede of Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, the women are in a race against time to get the scoop on which of their own particular demons are exposed before they're revealed to the world.

Finding the what, when, and where of this nuclear blast of a book falls to the show's publicist, Lizette. She must dig up all the bones she can find, if only to safely rebury them once and for all. But when someone inside begins leaking spot-on dish to a gossip-hungry Internet website, the ladies realize that even they might not be able to put out this fire. For once, they're unified by sizzling questions: just what exactly does Missy Adams know about the ladies of The Lunch Club, how much will she reveal, and who will fall the hardest?

Blending sisterhood, sex, betrayal, and the drama of good old daytime television, Satan's Sisters delves into each Lunch Club lady's scintillating underworld, exposing hidden addictions, forbidden lovers, shocking family secrets, false accusations, and one searing fact: even the devil didn't think a girl could be this evil....
Release dateMar 22, 2011

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