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Stress Escapes
Stress Escapes
Stress Escapes
Audiobook58 minutes

Stress Escapes

Written by Nancy Tubesing

Narrated by Nancy Tubesing

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This unusual tension-relief sampler provides easy relaxation through an intriguing mix of breathing, meditation, affirmation, sensory awareness, visualization, and vocal release.
Track 1: Sensory Relaxation. Use the power of your imagination for relaxation through sensory awareness. (18:18)
Track 2: Breathing Meditation. Get relaxed and centered through breathing and positive affirmations. (10:50)
Track 3: Breathe Away Tension. Reinforce positive images of health while breathing deeply. (8:20)
Track 4: Anchoring. Visualize a relaxing scene from personal experience or create a peaceful fantasy and “anchor” this image to a spot on your body for easy recall. (11:20)
Track 5: Groans and Moans. Let this totally natural vocal therapy relieve you of pain, emotional pressure, and stress. (9:12)
Release dateJul 1, 1995
Stress Escapes

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