Unholy Fire
Unholy Fire
Unholy Fire
Audiobook10 hours

Unholy Fire

Written by Robert J. Mrazek

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

John "Kit" McKittredge is a young Union officer from Maine who is terribly wounded in one of the first battles of the Civil War. Still unfit for active duty after nine months in the hospital, he is recruited by an unorthodox colonel named Valentine Burdette to work in the Provost Marshal General's Department in Washington.

The beleaguered capital, now swollen to seven times its prewar population, is filled with saloons, brothels, spies, thieves, and murderers. It is also rife with official corruption and political intrigue.

While investigating what appears to be a routine case of military procurement fraud, Kit becomes embroiled in the murder of a beautiful young woman who has had the misfortune to attend the birthday party of Union General Joseph Hooker, the notorious and charming libertine.

The investigation leads Kit through a series of harrowing adventures - both on the battlefield and in the capital's darkest dens of depravity -until he and Val Burdette must confront a vast criminal conspiracy that threatens both their own lives as well as the fate of the Republic.
Release dateMay 16, 2017
Unholy Fire

Robert J. Mrazek

Robert J. Mrazek is the author of the novels The Deadly Embrace, which won the W.Y. Boyd Prize for Excellence in Military Fiction from the American Library Association, Unholy Fire, and Stonewall’s Gold, winner of the Michael Shaara Prize for Best Civil War Novel of 1999. He is also the author of two works of nonfiction, To Kingdom Come, and A Dawn Like Thunder.

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