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The Whispering Outlaw
The Whispering Outlaw
The Whispering Outlaw
Audiobook7 hours

The Whispering Outlaw

Written by Max Brand

Narrated by Jim Bond

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

"Steady, Borgen," said a terrible and familiar murmur behind him. "Steady, man. If you turn, I shoot."

There was a tidal wave of crime, of murder, of robbery. Here and there, separated at distances of five hundred or even a thousand miles, crimes were committed which were carefully prepared with a painful and laborious hand; and then they were executed in an instant by one or two bold spirits directed by one man-one quiet-voiced, uncannily brilliant outlaw who seemed to know everything before it happened-the Whisperer.

Who was this whispering outlaw who could so easily slip through the hand of the lawmen Kenworthy and even baffle the seasoned and brutal gunman Lew Borgen, whom he drew to his ranks? What dark vengeance choreographed the far-flung criminal schemes of such a mysterious and evil genius? Find out in Max Brand's masterful classic western-The Whispering Outlaw.

Release dateJun 25, 2007
The Whispering Outlaw

Max Brand

Max Brand is the best-known pen name of Frederick Faust, creator of such beloved characters as Destry and Dr. Kildare, among others. Eighty motion pictures and many radio and television programs have been based on his work. Faust went to Italy as a war correspondent during World War II after the United States entered the conflict, and he was killed during a night attack on a hilltop village held by the German army. His literary output was so prolific during his life that he averaged three new books per year for seventy-five years, including many years after his death.

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