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Causes of the Civil War
Causes of the Civil War
Causes of the Civil War
Audiobook25 minutes

Causes of the Civil War

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About this audiobook

Abolitionist John Brown raises a small army of men in the hopes of starting a slave revolt and leads his men to Harper’s Ferry to take over the United States arsenal. Colonel Robert E. Lee and Lieutenant Jeb Stuart are sent by President Buchanan to put down the uprising. In the end, John Brown is captured, tried, and convicted of treason.
Release dateMay 1, 2012
Causes of the Civil War

Wendy Conklin

Wendy Conklin is a boutique chair decorator based out of Austin, Texas, on a mission to help people around the globe infuse personality, color, and whimsy into their lives and surroundings. She is the founder of Chair Whimsy, a company that provides a range of services to transform any environment from dull to delightful, including a collection of ready-made designer chairs, custom chair designs, and an array of online courses to unleash the creative potential of DIY enthusiasts. Wendy’s work has been featured in various outlets, including Forbes, HGTV Magazine, and Apartment Therapy, and showcased in a colorful collaboration with American Lifestyle Brand, Frances Valentine.  

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