Bloody Passage
Bloody Passage
Bloody Passage
Audiobook6 hours

Bloody Passage

Written by Jack Higgins

Narrated by Christopher Lane

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Oliver Grant. Decorated soldier, then Major in Military Intelligence. Now a case-hardened mercenary-selling his services to the highest bidder wherever the going is rough. Seemingly the perfect choice to rescue the stepson of a millionaire Mafia boss from a Libyan prison fortress.

Except for one tiny detail. Grant doesn't want the job.

It takes kidnapping and threatening his younger sister before even Grant is forced to see sense. Dimitri Stavrou does not play games. But then Grant's beautiful, gentle lover turns up on the wrong end of a machine gun…and he starts to realize just how much trouble he's in.…

Release dateOct 15, 2011

Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins lived in Belfast till the age of twelve. Leaving school at fifteen, he spent three years with the Royal Horse Guards, and was later a teacher and university lecturer. His thirty-sixth novel, The Eagle Has Landed (1975), turned him into an international bestselling author, and his novels have since sold over 250 million copies and been translated into sixty languages. Many have been made into successful films. He died in 2022, at his home in Jersey, surrounded by his family.

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