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Can You Play 3 Melodies At Once?
MELODICER CAN! meloDICER has a well-thoughtout set of control elements that makes it easy for you to conduct rhythm and melody in any wanted direction. It doesn’t matter if you are a music theory genius or if you never heard of triplets, ties, and th
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Hands-on: 80er-Nostalgie mit TAL-Plug-ins Synthwave Track Starter
Für die Produktion unseres kleinen Synthwave-Tracks wappnen wir uns mit den Plug-ins TAL-Drum für die Drums sowie TAL-Pha und TAL-J-8 für die Synth-Sounds. Bei TAL-Drum laden wir das Kit GB-808taste, denn was würde besser zu den virtuellen Roland-Syn
Beat German1 min read
No Modeling – All Analog
AVAILABLE IN SUMMER SUPERBOOTH24 • Plenty of analog synthesis tricks including supersaw, transistor organ, flanging phase sync• Powerful character control that transforms the whole synthesizer• MPE• User assignable controls• Four physical auxilliary

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