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Double Jeopardy
IN A sheltered life based largely at a desk, I have managed to avoid any sort of scenario in which head-butting seemed like a good move. Now I’m being asked to do it with conviction. And it feels so weird that I’m struggling not to laugh. The stakes
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SHE was the kind of woman people loved to loathe – she was too pretty, too perfect, too happy, too try-hard, too much of a smarty-pants. One critic branded her the cheerleader of princessy theatre-schooled girls who had no sex appeal and “ate raisins
You South Africa4 min read
Your Stars
For daily horoscopes go to What a difference a week can make. Love diva Venus moves into your sign on the 23rd, bestowing with you all sorts of benefits and favours. Jupiter, the bringer of good luck and gifts, also settles into your sign

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