The brave pioneers of female irresponsibility are back and on the lam
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE (July 22) Edina and Patsy are hounded by paparazzi and have to go underground—by which they mean the French Riviera

UTTERLY SELF-ABSORBED women are a dime a dozen these days. They’re on HBO’s Girls, inside Amy Schumer and keeping up the reality-show community. But in a way, all

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Strait Talk
As political transitions go, the ascent of Lai Ching-te to the presidency of Taiwan had pretty much everything. On May 15, the outgoing President signed off amid a riot of yellow spandex and feather boas as Nymphia Wind, winner of the latest season o
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Anatomy Of A Perfect Nap
Scientists who are serious about snooze have vindicated the nap. Far from being a sign of laziness, research has linked napping to better brain and heart health, along with improved cognition, creativity, and memory. To get the most out of yours, nap
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The World According to Biden
Joe Biden makes his way through the West Wing telling stories. In the Cabinet Room, with sun pouring through French doors from the Rose Garden outside, he remembers the first time he sat around the long mahogany table, its high-backed leather chairs

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